Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The first day of summer is not till June 21st, but I just wanted to touch base with everyone. School is out, and this is the time for everyone to enjoy! Even if you are taking some summer classes, you are still allowed to let your hair down! Below are a few things to do:
Read a book! I love reading, and I plan on doing it more this summer. I might do a blog about books to read for the summer months!
Work out: Lose those winter pounds by hitting the gym. Read this blog as well as this one for some tips! My summer goal: run uphill with ease!
Catch up on new years resolutions!: Remember those goals you set a while back? This is the time to achieve them!
Hang out with friends: All the busy work of the school year always gets in the way of truly enjoying friends. With less to do this summer, catch up with distant friends, and make lasting ones before they move away!
Get a summer job: Working my not seem fun, but think of how it will benefit you! A little extra cash will go a long way the next year, whether it's just for spare change  or paying off the bills. Think about how you will be able to relax just a bit more the upcoming school year.
Take a road trip: It could just be to another town or across the country or world; see places! last summer I went to France through the school, and it was amazing!  Make sure you take a road trip or give yourself a vacation to enjoy yourself!
Have a BBQ!: Food is always fun, and with perfect weather, what better way then to enjoy it with a BBQ? It doesn't have to be big: A few friends, each can bring something, along with drinks, a few games music and Voila! The perfect summer getaway!
Blog: I plan to blog more often about my life and random things I do.It is a great way to de-stress and inform the world about things you are passionate about.
Learn something new! It could be through a class or just for fun! Take a class on how to knit, or look up more info on a topic you've been dying to know more about!

Summer is just so inspiring! I plan on doing all of the above during the summer! I'm so excited! Please comment to let others know what else you do to enjoy the summer!

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